Don’t hurry

To be honest, I am still struggling with the habit of hurry.  Hurry is a common feature in urban living such as in Singapore.

We want to get things done quickly. We walk fast, eat fast, and we want fast cure and healing too.  We jam-packed our weekends with children enrichment classes and endless activities with no time to just sit and be quiet, without the use of the cell phone. No wonder our society is suffering from anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders.

Yet the habit of hurry has a great impact on our health. Hurry elevates cortisol or stress hormone levels. This chronic elevation of cortisol increases inflammation and lowers our immunity, setting the stage for chronic diseases such as allergies, skin sensitivity, diabetes, stroke, high cholesterol,  autoimmune diseases, sleep disorders, and premature aging. This is one of the reasons why a naturopathic consultation is seldom a 5 minutes session as the case for many doctors’ visits.

Do you want to be healed of all your diseases? Don’t hurry. Healing takes time. The more you let go and be detached, the faster you will be healed.  Trust your body and soul. Begins with your lifestyle –

  • Eat at a slower pace. Just concentrate on eating and put your cell phone aside.
  • Walk at a slower pace. Don’t rush. You will be at peace.
  • Do one thing at a time with love. Don’t multi-task. In Buddhism, they called it mindfulness. In Christianity, they called it the sacrament of the present moment.

Try checking into a meditative place regularly such as the garden, meditation hall, or a worship adoration room, to aid in grounding.  It is a must for any healing of body, mind, and soul. We don’t need more noise and activities. Such things deplete your energy and accelerate the aging process.

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Learn to read your body.

One of the tenets of traditional naturopathy (Traditional European medicine)  is self-empowerment. You are encouraged to ‘know thyself’.

Are you aware that the usual liver function test (the one you had in your medical screening report) does not tell how well your liver is functioning? It is for detecting any cell damage (that’s serious). Do you know that by the time your thyroid readings show any deviation, 70% of your thyroid gland is already suboptimal?

In the upcoming Herb Fest, we will be showing you how to self-examine your risks for diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and heart attack.

Places are already limited. Join us now to catch the early bird’s offer.

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