Phytotherapy approach to treat H.pylori bacteria

A couple of years ago, an elderly lady came to seek advice for her 4th stage stomach cancer. Before the case, she was relatively healthy – daily cycling to work and had no medical history of any diseases.  She joined a new company and was asked to do a full body medical test. She was found to have a high level of Helicobacter pylori bacteria.

The doctors gave a course of antibiotics and other medications to ‘kill’ the bacteria. Unfortunately, a month later, she was found to have 4th stage stomach cancer.

Could it be due to bacterial resistance, lower immunity, and gut inflammation that predisposes the person to cancer? The consensus among scientists is that H.pylori should not be given antibiotics unless it presents severe gastrointestinal symptoms. Scientists are quite certain that this bacteria is part of the gastro-eco system, which is not fully understood. There is yin in yang and yang in yin. Our body is not supposed to be sterile.

H.pylori is known to produce an enzyme called urease, that allows the bacteria to live in an acidic environment such as the stomach (alkaline water?). Urease reacts with urea to form ammonia which can neutralize stomach acid to allow the bacteria to survive for years. This is the factor behind many gastrointestinal problems such as gastritis and ulcers.

Unlike the medical approach, the natural medicine approach is to treat the patient more than the disease. The objective of phytotherapy is to create a ‘terrain’ in your body that does not allow the H.pylori to cause a disease.

The objective of phytotherapy is to create a ‘terrain’ in your body that does not allow the H.pylori to cause a disease. Just like there are good and bad bacteria in the soil, the role of the organic farmer is to create a soil environment that allows the plants to grow in a healthy way.

As we are constantly under stress and eating under pressure plus toxins from the environment, it is crucial to constantly build digestive health. This is why I designed the 2 to 6 weeks gut program for almost all disease prevention. To be fruitful, the program must address the thyroid, liver, lungs, kidneys, skin, and the intestine. And this is achieved by my gut program. Try to do this at least twice a year. You will see the difference not only physically but emotionally as well. In fact, the first step to treating depression is the gut program.






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Do not ingest essential oils

I started practising aromatherapy in the early 1990s; taught the subject in two holistic health schools and developed a complete curriculum for spa academy run by Raffles hotel group. Certainly, essential oil (EO) therapy is one of my favourite subjects and it is still part of my herbal medicine practice.

The euphoria died down soon after 2000. Lately, there was renewed interest in aromatherapy with all sorts of claims including treating cancer with frankincense etc. The claims and ‘magic’ of EO are just exaggerations.  They are useful as part of herbal medicine but not ‘magic’ as some claimed to be.

I was shocked to know that some essential oil suppliers are asking clients to take EO internally.  There is not enough historical usage or clinical data to support it. Unlike herbal extracts which have a long history of safe human consumption (EU specify more than 30 years), nobody knows what will be the long- term side effects of ingestion of EO.

From my over a decade experience in EO and herbs, herbs, of dried herb or fresh tinctures deliver better and much safer results than EO.

Essential oils are extremely concentrated substances and it should not be consumed internally.

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