Everything is connected


I just came back from a weeklong course in Plant Consciousness, in which we learned how to ‘communicate’ with plants.

One of the take-home messengers is – Everything is connected. We are all in a web of life.

The plants, creatures, humans and the whole of nature are connected to one another. The Creator makes us depend on one another for survival, health, and happiness.

For example, modern science called Neuro-biology shows that plants respond to human thoughts and feelings. This implies yours and my thoughts have a great impact on our surroundings.

If this is so, what about our persistent inner thoughts ( thoughts of anxiety, envy, jealousy etc.) and their influences on our children’s immune system, behaviors etc.?

Let’s reflect on this.




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Connect with nature




Too often, urban living disconnects us from nature.

We are part of nature. It is necessary to connect with nature often, whether is gardening or simply be in the woods or touching the flowers to be whole in body, mind, and soul.

The holiday is coming. Go for a retreat that connects you with nature and it is also a good time to take stock of our lives through prayer, silence, and meditation.

Here are some suggestions:

www.chestnuthilleco.com – Highly recommended. I had conducted retreats there several times with excellent feedback.

http://www.kingsmeadcentre.sg – Singapore retreat centre. Spiritually oriented. Silence and individual guided retreat.


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