Sleep and liver cancer

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A great reminder on the importance of sleep and its possible link to liver cancer (Video in Cantonese)

A major 30 years study on nurses who had worked midnight shifts suggests 30% increase risk of breast cancer.


You can take all kinds of healthy food but without correcting your sleep problem, none will help.

Please note that many pharmaceuticals (guess what – the sleeping pills!) deplete the body of sleep hormones.

An important reminder to all our young children and people out there.


‘To counteract trauma, we need to seek moderation or balance in all things. Many diseases are caused by overworking, overeating, overthinking, and overtalking. The state of having fewer wants does not mean that you should not pursue your interests and earn a living; it means that you do so in a way that does not jeopardize your state of balance…’


Excerpt from the book Leaf to Life by Sebastian Liew

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Fatty liver and herbs

I came across several cases of clients’ feedback regarding past intake of certain traditional herb preparations and ill effects on the liver (proven by blood tests and shown as fatty liver). These cases may be due to adulteration of herbs or mixed with some pharmaceuticals to increase the ‘potency’.

The herb industry is very complex. Adulteration or substitution is very common in commercially available supplements and even of raw herbs (heavy metal contamination is quite common). Identification of herbs takes expertise and the effort of the supplying company to check the identification of herbs via independent testing.

I am known to take a long time to implement a new product or herbal preparation because I am very particular on the above factors. After all, I will be taking them too!


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