What’s wrong with eating out?

10 large randomized studies (that’s serious) involving 77917 high-risk individuals with the mean entry age of 64.0 years over a period of 4.4. years found that patients receiving omega–3 fish EFA’s had no significant benefit to prevent heart diseases. Fish oil products usually contain derivatives of EPA and DHA, which are not original parent essential oils, that our body needs.

However, having sufficient essential fatty acids in our diet or supplementation is still required for heart, joint, eyes, skin, cognitive health, and immunity.

We eat out often at hawker centers. Most restaurants and eating places use mixed vegetable oils in the cooking. This mixed vegetable oil blend (likely refined canola, palm oil etc.) is refined and denatured oil,  creating a high amount of free radicals when is cooked especially at high temperature.  Free radicals lead to chronic inflammation, which is a strong precursor to cancer. You may be aware that vegetable oil products are stored in plastic and transparent bottles (so is some fish oil supplements). Light can create more free radicals in the oils.

The more we consume this vegetable oil mix, the more vitamin E is depleted. Low vitamin E is associated with higher risk of colon cancer. Besides, vitamin E is necessary to prevent oxidation of cholesterol. Vitamin E is found in whole grains, seeds, nuts, cucumber seeds, lettuce, spelt, celery and cold-pressed plant oils (walnut, sunflower, avocado, almond).

To counter, it is necessary to either add more vitamin E rich food to your diet or supplement with Parent Essential oils (not essential oils as in aromatherapy). Parent Essential oils (PEO). PEO is the original EFA (essential fatty acids) cold pressed from plants such as sunflower, pumpkin, and evening primrose oil that gives you the beneficial effects of omega 6, 3, and 9. When consumed, your body will make the necessary derivatives such as EPA and DHA for the body.  Almost all other products on the market are selling derivatives, not parent oils such as EPA and DHA from fish. Our cells need unaltered, Parent EFAs every day. EFAs are “oxygen magnets” meaning
they help oxygenate your cells. Cells with high oxygen content are far healthier and
have resistance to toxins and damage.

In light of our ‘outside’ food culture, I strongly recommend my clients to supplement with PHYTO-EFA, which is a product of PEO.

In addition,  it is also wise to consider a herbal regime which has thousands of years of clinical efficacy and safety.  Some of the best and proven safe record herbs are lesser galangal (available in tablets and can be used as an alternative to the drug nitroglycerine, a drug for a heart failure), rosemary (made into a wine) and Phyllanthus emblica ( as Phytolec – 30 x potent berry extract). Why the latter?  There are many causes of heart failure – circulation, stress etc., but one often forgotten cause is weak capillaries and blood vessels. We know that vitamin C is required for strong blood vessels. However, vitamin C alone is not enough to prevent heart failure. Phyllanthus emblica contains heat-resistant vitamin C plus other natural compounds which are tested in human clinical trials to be beneficial for heart health.


Associations of Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplement Use With Cardiovascular Disease RisksMeta-analysis of 10 Trials Involving 77 917 Individuals


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healthy people getting a heart attack?

A Facebook fan and client shared this piece with me and asked me to comment.
While I can’t really know what causes her heart attack, we certainly know or heard of people who died from a heart attack though cholesterol and blood pressure are normal. I know of an old lady who has very high cholesterol profile, 90 years old, no medications and still enjoy her weekly majong session.
The heart, according to traditional medicine of the East and the West regards it not as a pump but the seat of the Spirit or consciousness.
When the spirit or vitality is down, it reflects in the eyes. The eyes, according to the German mystic Hildegard von Bingen is the window to the soul. This is why I am trained to look into my patient’s eyes during a consultation session.
The spirit is expressed as vitality when a person is at peace with him or herself and others, nature, and has a living purpose in life. He or she knows what is his or her mission in life and this creates an inner spark in the person’s life.
I found that many of us don’t have a purpose in life. We eat, sleep, play, work, make love, busy with children’s enrichment classes and tuition… and we thought this is the purpose in life. We work and work and keep busy out of fear of not having enough – money, status.
There is nothing wrong with fulfilling our duties but once we lost touch with our soul’s purpose and inner life, everything will collapse when things go wrong such as children leaving or not listening to you, lost your job, lost your loved ones etc… could all these lead to a heart attack? Maybe and likely.
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