Abdominal CT scan = 200 chest X-rays

Do you know that the radiation from abdominal CT (computerized assisted tomography) scan is approximately 200 chest x-rays?

Although the infrequent use of such scans may not have serious effects on a patient, multiple exposures even for a short period (think of radiation to treat cancer!) can cause serious damage to cells and increase the risk of cancer. Even at a low dose of repeated radiation exposure can cause nitric oxide (the natural relaxing factor in blood vessels) reduction, damaging cellular damage and induces premature aging. This aspect was highlighted by a group of scientists in a special report to the Obama administration. And don’t forget you are also continuously exposed to EMF – wifi, computers, electrical appliances etc.

While some scanning tests may be necessary, overuse of x-rays and scanning should be avoided. Sometimes patients are asked to do scanning even for a simple condition such as gastric reflux, which could be due to stress and wrong diet. Always ask for an alternative if possible.

How to be protected, if you need to go through scanning?

Improve your liver’s glutathione (GSH). First of all, eat a liver friendly diet – less dairy, deep fried, alcohol, sugar, high starch diet, pork, processed meat etc.

Amala berry extract in Phytolec is clinically proven to increase GSH by 30%. Another remedy I got is Liv-GSH which are nutrients necessary for GSH production.

It is also important to do a detox after a radiation with lymphatic herbs such as calendula. Please check with me on the protocol if you are undergoing frequent radiation or post-treatment.




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Traditional medicine and liver cancer

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There are many herbs used in traditional medicine that contains Aristolochic acids. This is why sometimes I see an elevation of liver enzymes in patients who consumed some traditional medicine. In addition, adulteration of herbs, heavy metals toxicity, wrong botanical species, contamination with pharmaceuticals etc.
This is the difference between Phytotherapy and traditional medicine. Phytotherapy can be inspired by traditional wisdom but the herbs to be prescribed must at least have safety profile and zero toxicity.
In Phytotherapy, which I practice, we are not allowed to use any species of Aristolochia.
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