Why choose phytomedicine for pain-relief?

A near tragic incident happened years ago before I became a naturopath-  My mum suffered from severe loss of blood from internal bleeding and nearly died. Upon further investigation, it was found to be associated with mega doses of paracetamol to ease her pain symptoms from a common headache to lower back pain.

Indeed, one of the most common side effects of painkillers and steroids is weakening of the tissues – skin, stomach lining, intestines, eyes etc. Therefore, I always encourage all of you to strengthen your tissues with herbs such as Phyllanthus emblica in Phytolec or the herb Gotu kola as in Tissue rejenex.

Over-the-counter (OTC) painkillers are among the most widely prescribed and purchased drugs around the world.

Most of them including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
and acetaminophen (commercial name paracetamol), is metabolized in the liver. Cumulative or overdoses of OTC analgesic drugs can induce acute liver failure (ALF), internal bleeding or tissue weakness (which can lead to stroke and Alzheimer’s disease due to the drug effect on blood vessels) and deplete the body of nutrients such as essential fatty acids, selenium, vitamin C and E. These nutrients are necessary to maintain heart and immune health.

Any form of pain is due largely to inflammation.

Unlike pharmaceutical painkillers such as NSAIDS, botanicals such as herbs modulate (not suppress) inflammation and do not cause internal bleeding. In fact, they have wound healing properties.

For example, each of the herbal extracts in INFLALL (Rosemary, basil, green tea, ginger, coptis, skullcap etc.) contains multiple beneficial compounds and has documented ability to modulate COX enzymes (that regulate inflammation), scavenge free radicals and promote physiological balance in a safe fashion.

This is one of the best products to modulate inflammation in conditions such as a backache, arthritis, gout, sprain/strain muscles and ligaments, shoulder and joint pain due to inflammation, some forms of a headache, and gut inflammation. For added benefit, supplement with Fishkol PLUS and PhytoEFA (Parent plant-based essential fatty acids plus to strengthen the bone matrix.  This is because 90% of your bone matrix is collagen and parent essential fatty acids (not fish oils and calcium).

As usual, all forms of pain need to be treated holistically including the right diet, lifestyle, and stress management. Hydrotherapy is very helpful to promote blood and lymph circulation.

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Phyto-Rest – My sleep tonic



Many of us take sleep quality lightly.  Sleep is a tonic, that is necessary for rejuvenation of the body. Poor sleep quality leads to premature aging of the body, mind, and the skin.

It is not advisable to go to bed after 12 midnight. You will stress your liver and other organs of detoxification if you do and liver health is highly necessary for cancer prevention. This is why I always ask about my patient’s sleep quality in every consultation session.

There are many causes of insomnia or wakeful sleep. For example, as we get older, the fight/flight mode of our nervous system (why nature do this to us?) will get more active i.e., we may get more nervous, anxious and irritable. This will be worsened by daily tension at work and family.

Lifestyle changes must always be the first line of defense. However, many of us do not have control over the environment (demanding bosses, family issues, children etc.).

It is not advisable to be on long term ( don’t even start if you can) pharmaceutical sleeping pills as they deplete the sleep hormone melatonin (which leads to immune system breakdown), causes addiction and dependency, and even suicidal tendency.

With this in mind and learning from my clinical experiences, I created a blend of herbs called Phyto-Rest that seek to address sleep disorders caused mainly by –

  • Nervous tension accumulated during the day and not released.
  • High cortisol or stress hormones in the evening.
  • Poor digestion
  • anticipated anxiety such as going for a job interview.
  • Emotional stress from recent quarrels etc.
  • worry
  • circular thinking; too much repetitive thoughts


As a result, you may have difficulty falling asleep or wakeful sleep.

Phyto-Rest consists of fresh plant liquid extracts and the main herb in the blend is California poppy (CP). I chose fresh plant tinctures versus tablet as it seems to be clinically effective and requires low dose. California poppy is also used for nervous stomach, hyperactivity, depression, and nerve pain.

My herb combination in Phyto-Rest with CP as main herb is designed to address the above sleep conditions.



Unlike most commercial herbal supplements with Valerian or pharmaceutical sedatives, California poppy does not give you that carry-over or hangover effect or addiction. You actually feel fresh the next morning.

Dosage – take 30 drops in water hold for 30 seconds 1 hour before bed

take another 30 drops just before bed

take another 30 drops if wakeful during the night and unable to fall asleep.

Caution: Pregnancy. Seek professional guidance.

You can also take Phyto-Rest for moments of anxiety and stress during the day. It will not cause sleepiness.





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