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As mentioned earlier and also highlighted in my book Leaf to Life: Unlock nature’s secrets to true health, health insurance premium will continue to rise due to larger medical bills, greater healthcare consumption and increased use of newer and costlier procedures and medical technologies.

I believe our health insurance will not be enough to catch up with the rising medical cost. Added on are the difficulties many encountered in the claim process.

I recently cancelled my critical illness insurance policies. It is very expensive and I thought the money could be wisely spent in business investment or my own health care needs.

What should we do?

I had a young patient who came to see me for breathing difficulty. He went through many tests in the hospital and found nothing (money spent). I looked at him and taught him how to breath correctly. He was also given a herbal oil for chest application. After 1 day, his problem was solved. Another case – a lady was suffering from chronic gastric pain and was asked to do endoscopy and other screenings. They found nothing. She was given 6 months antacids for the pain. Instead I coached her on eating habits, stress reduction and prescribed fennel tablets for her digestion. She was cured a week later.

Unnecessary medical screenings (and yes you pay for them) are often used without looking at the fundamentals.

We need to return to Viriditas – the greening power described by Hildegard von Bingen (nature medicine) to solve the health crisis. This is why I kept asking you to work on the 7 Letters of Wellness and 9 Credos described in my book. It is the most complete protocol for disease prevention and rejuvenation.

Invest time to learn natural medicine, in particular herbs and lifestyle medicine and you will save time and money on insurance and hospital bills. In addition, you will realise self healing, self empowerment and self discovery. Isn’t it wonderful to have such a lifestyle?






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Introductory video to phytotherapy

Please share this video to touch and heal lives

The World Health Organization defines health as an active state of physical, mental, and social well being and not just the absence of symptoms of diseases. To this, I would like to add Spirituality, which is the 7th Letter of Wellness detailed in my book Leaf to Life:unlock nature’s secrets to true health.

To be ‘active’, the health model must enables you to achieve self healing, self discovery, and self empowerment. Naturopathy in general and phytotherapy in particular fits this model.

It is the medicine of our ancestors and also the future that will gives you the tools to deal with the increasing challenge of chronic and degenerative diseases and the possibility of sustaining optimal health, due to its preventive capabilities. No amount of technology and health insurance (and the cost is rising) can solve our health problems.

We need to return what Hildegard von Bingen described 900 years ago as Viriditas, the power of green (nature). This is systemized as the 7 Letters of Welllness and 9 Credos in my book.

In this short video, I would like to introduce the healing power of phytotherapy. Perhaps this will be a useful introduction to those who would like to explore the drug free way to treat and prevent diseases – body, mind and soul. I hope this educational tool can reach out, touch, and heal many lives in Singapore and all over Asia.

Please share with as many friends as possible to spread the good news about natural healing.

Thank you for your support and love for herbs and natural health.

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