Understanding fever

Fever is a beneficial rise in the body’s metabolism which allows the production of antibodies and white blood cells, with increased circulation to the surface defense and elimination.

Chronic suppression of fever may lead to injury of vital structures of the body, resulting in chronic fatigue, chronic immune weakness and later studies show – increased risk of cancer and allergies.

Caution: Fevers and influenza can be dangerous in children under one year old, in the elderly and those with a weakened immune system. Seek medical attention. Do not self-medicate.   

Stages of fever

Normal body temperature – 35.8˚ C – 37.2˚ C

Optimal fever temperature – 38.8˚ C

Influenza virus dies – 37.2˚ C

Uncomfortable stage (restless etc) – 40˚C – Cancer cells may die

Possible seizure activity – 41˚C

Brain damage may occur – 42.2 ˚C

The first step to treat fever is lots of rest and no solid food including milk (milk is a food). Drink the fasting drink I mentioned in my book Leaf to Life. When you fast, all your energy will not be channeled to digestion but to fight with the virus.

At 39 or close to 40˚C, cool compress is necessary. The most important area for compress is not the forehead but the nape of the neck.

In most cases, I give a herbal tincture to manage the fever or you can take Mediherb andrographis complex as a first aid. However, it may not work if it is due to dengue fever or if it is stomach related. My tincture may be more useful and effective in these cases.

Fever may be a good time to ‘kill’ cancer cells. This is why it should never be suppressed unnecessarily. I have had seen such cases cancer went into remission after a high fever.

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Worry leads to aging

In almost all studies conducted all over the world, low neuroticism is a consistent factor among centenarians or near centenarians (healthy 98 years and older people). This implies the importance of less worry, fear, depression, and less reactivity to stress.

Jealousy and anger shorten your days and worry brings premature old age (Hebrew book of Ecclesiasticus 30:24).

How to overcome worry, when we are constantly overwhelmed by so much external stressors and life demands?

My solution is to change our way of living or thinking; a transformation in outlook.

This transformation of outlook is reflected in the 9 Credos of Wellness™, described in my book Leaf to Life.




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