Coleus to treat glaucoma

15 November 2011


Coleus is one of the herbs used in my clinical practice to treat high blood pressure and to aid in weight loss.

According to a perspective study by Hossain, Kawar & Nahas (2007), diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and some cancers are related to excess weight.

According to Bone (2007, p.26), Coleus is cardiotonic and anti-obesity. It is indicated for metabolic syndrome X – those of us with waist >40 inches, low HDL cholesterol, high glucose and triglycerides.

In a double blind clinical trial conducted in America, 30 overweight male volunteers, with Body Mass Index (BMI) of >25, randomly received Coleus extract or placebo for a period of 12 weeks. The results showed a significant decrease in fat loss and body fat. The reduction in fat mass from baseline to post-treatment with Coleus was 4.5kg (Godard, Johnson, & Richmond, 2005).

However, many people are not aware that Coleus’ clinical value of topical application in glaucoma has been confirmed.

For those with early stage of glaucoma, external application of Coleus (and internal, for high blood pressure, if any) has been effective and helpful, as seen among my patients with glaucoma. Of course, prevention is always better than cure. Avoiding all forms of sugar (including excessive intake of honey and fruit juices) and high glycemic foods, and taking sufficient rest are factors necessary for holistic prevention.


Pax (Peace)
Sebastian Liew, MNHAA (Australia)

Hossain, P., Kawar, B., Nahas, M.E. (2007). Obesity and Diabetes in the Developing World — A Growing Challenge.  The New England Journal of Medicine, 356, 213-215.
Bone, K. (2007). The ultimate herbal compendium. Warwick, Queensland: Phytotherapy press.
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I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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