Food Intolerance and Weight Gain

May 2012

Ever wonder why “eating less and exercising more” doesn’t work?

Over the years as I worked with patients, I have noticed that many people do not understand the relationship between food intolerance and food allergy, and their effects on weight gain.

When a person partakes food that causes inflammation, mainly in the gut, he or she is vulnerable to weight gain, skin diseases, depression, anxiety, joint pain, etc.

The inflammation that is caused by food intolerance, gives rise to mucus which may in turn lead to unwanted weight gain. Food intolerance is not as obvious as food allergy. Food intolerance can take up to 3 days to surface symptoms. It is IgG mediated immune reaction. Most chronic diseases mentioned above are triggered by IgG.

Unlike food intolerance, food allergy is true allergy with immediate and life threatening effect. Allergies to peanuts, strawberries and shellfish are most common. This is called IgE mediated immune reaction. (Note: Hildegard of Bingen, the 12th century mystic, listed strawberry and pork as ‘poison’). IgE test is most commonly done at the skin centre.

True allergy and allergy to dust mites are usually not useful information. Who can avoid dust mites? The only protection is to strengthen your own self defence, i.e. your body. The enemy is not outside of us, but lies in our inner well being.

Pax (Peace)
Sebastian Liew, MNHAA (Australia)
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About Sebastian Liew

Matthew Wood, the renowned American herbalist described Sebastian as ‘one of the most unique and talented practitioners of natural healing and herbalism.’ The New Paper (Singapore) called Sebastian Liew 'The Medicine Man'. Indeed, Sebastian is a qualified and registered Medical Herbalist (accredited by the National Herbalists Association of Australia), with a Master's degree in Herbal Medicine from the University of New England, Australia. He is the first medical herbalist in Singapore and is known to popularize phytotherapy (Western herbal medicine), European traditional medicine, and St Hildegard medicine (Germany) in Singapore and probably in Asia. Sebastian has 20 years clinical work experiences and treated numerous patients with different medical conditions from all age groups in his Singapore clinic. Sebastian authored the book, Leaf to Life: The Natural Approach to Slow Down Aging and Living a Healing Life, which set the fundamentals for healthy aging and the prevention or treatment for almost all diseases.
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