Shorts: What can you do if someone has dengue?


Shorts: What can you do if someone has dengue?

“Dengue set to worsen…” that is headline in The Straits Times (27 March, 2013). I was born and raised in Redhill close. Pigs, farms, stagnant water and mud are common in those days. Yet, dengue is unknown or at least not to the level of epidemic. Why? I like to know your answers and insight. 

Anyway, come back to the topic.

First of all, get the person to fast for 3 days (read my book From Leaf to Life for fasting protocol and recipe). Let him or her drink warm yarrow tea. Yarrow causes temperature reduction and is an anti-viral and diaphoretic herb.

Take the herb Bertram. Bertam has anti-parasite, anti-candida, anti-bacteria and antiviral properties. It is used effectively against malaria in Africa and has shown to be useful in the fight against infection in HIV patients.

Apply chickweed to rashes. 

Simple actions like the above may save a person’s life. Why wait till the person get to A & E? 

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I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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