Synthetic vitamins and minerals supplements

Synthetic vitamins and minerals ‘kills’ friendly bacteria

One of the main reasons why I am not a fan of synthetic vitamins and minerals supplements is that they ‘kill’ friendly bacteria and overload the liver’s capacity to detoxify toxins. Good  bowel flora is necessary for good immune, absorption of nutrients and prevention of many diseases especially cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Therefore I don’t take calcium carbonate or whatever name you called it for my bones but rather herbs such as nettle and foods high in minerals; not vitamin C but the herb Phyllanthus emblica as in Phytolec for my immune and foods high in vitamin C. Of course, I need to live as best as I can based on the 7 Sacred Letters of wellness (refer to my book From Leaf to Life).

Never mind! Take a probiotic supplement?  To date, nobody has discovered all the friendly bacteria necessary for our body and put them in a capsule. And this is why I advocate the St Hildegard mew spice recipe. The recipe stimulates your body to produce its own friendly bacteria known only to your body. Your body is the real doctor. He knows what you need.



About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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