Shorts: Protect the Environment

Today is World Environment Day.

Our body is a miniature of the Universe – everyone of  us and every creature is linked to every other and to nature ( From Leaf to Life, p.110).

Many of you brought me recycled paper bags for my clinic’s use and often bring your own bag. Fully appreciated with lots of thanks.

For me, protecting the environment is more than just reuse and recycle.

Here are some other “unconventional”  ways we can save the earth –

– Eat less meat. If need to, eat less than 3 times a week

– Use herbs to treat diseases as far as possible. You encourage more plant cultivation and preservation rather than dumping more chemicals to the water and the environment.

– Put love in our work and relationship with others and not fear. Love is a healing energy and fear is not. Trying to instill fear in others (in our children) is toxic.



About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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2 Responses to Shorts: Protect the Environment

  1. Dr. Huan XU says:

    I felt uncomfortable after I gave birth my first kid 7 years ago. it is not serious sickness but it affected the quality of my life. Since I did not know what is the reason, I try to all kinds of anti-histamine from clinc, polyclinc and hospitals. Fortunely I contact naturopathy. My daughter is benifited from this treatment. Her eczama is much better and Now I also start this treament with confidence.
    Dr. Liew book tells us how to pursue a life which is balanced yourself and enviroment. how to eat and how to live. but different people has differetn opinion. you can sense it after reading it. however, I am very happy Singapore has naturopathy and Dr. Liew can let us know it with his book.
    Now out food are added so much addictives. ( some are quite posinous and will take your precious thing you even do no realize it). Our life is so busy, we have no time to eat a good meal or stay with our kids and family. we encount the great pressure every day since we enter the childcare. hope we could slow down the speed of life and read good books like this one.

  2. sliew says:

    Thanks I am glad you benefit from natural medicine.
    Do incorporate as far as possible the concepts in the book.
    Without the foundation we cannot go far in our wellness.
    Is a journey. enjoy it.

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