Mucus is our ‘friend’

As a medical herbalist, I never want to dry up my patients’ mucus. Too often, we take medications to suppress the mucus. I guess many of us here in Singapore will experience runny nose etc because of the terrible haze.

I ever experienced a terrible runny nose with yellow mucus on one of my stays in Nepal. This was due to the pollution and dusts we encountered on our way to Pokhara (by car with open windows). Did I take medication to stop the mucus? No, I just let it run and take the relevant herbs to boost my immune and prevents a bacteria infection. What the herb did was to thin the mucus so that the body can excrete out easily. In addition, herbs boost cell resistance.

Mucus, made by our cells is composed of water and glycoproteins called mucins. Other compounds are salts, lysozymes and immunoglobulins. Yes, immunoglobulins is found in saliva, tears and human milk. A deficiency in these immune cells will predispose a person to chronic infection. Therefore, there is truth in my mum’s instruction to apply saliva on insect bites.

Mucus is a natural protecting agent to facilitate excretion of bacteria and to inhibit inflammation. They function to trap dust, allergens and pollutants and pathogens. Treat it as a friend and help it to do its job with herbs, fasting (read my book From Leaf to Life, pages 236 & elimination diet in 328) and moderation.

Special note for the elderly and those with a weak heart – Air pollution is linked to chronic heart disease and increased in risk of heart attacks by 40% and also increased risk of lung cancer (which may explains why non smokers suffer lung cancer?).

About Sebastian Liew

Matthew Wood, the renowned American herbalist described Sebastian as ‘one of the most unique and talented practitioners of natural healing and herbalism.’ The New Paper (Singapore) called Sebastian Liew 'The Medicine Man'. Indeed, Sebastian is a qualified and registered Medical Herbalist (accredited by the National Herbalists Association of Australia), with a Master's degree in Herbal Medicine from the University of New England, Australia. He is the first medical herbalist in Singapore and is known to popularize phytotherapy (Western herbal medicine), European traditional medicine, and St Hildegard medicine (Germany) in Singapore and probably in Asia. Sebastian has 20 years clinical work experiences and treated numerous patients with different medical conditions from all age groups in his Singapore clinic. Sebastian authored the book, Leaf to Life: The Natural Approach to Slow Down Aging and Living a Healing Life, which set the fundamentals for healthy aging and the prevention or treatment for almost all diseases.
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One Response to Mucus is our ‘friend’

  1. Rita says:

    Thank You Dr. Sebastian for all the
    informatioon that you provide to help us
    understand our bodies and the right way to go about healing ourselves.
    Healing the whole body, mind and soul is what I’ve always wanted. Your book has helped me a lot and I’m still reading it and I love everything that’s in the book.
    There’s so much information that you have lovingly provided to the public.
    Thank you so much for your work and for your book.
    God Bless!

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