The Secret of my Perseverance

I started my practice as my own business (previously I was teaching at a holistic health college) in 1999. Shortly after, my dad passed away. It was a struggle for me, both emotionally and spiritually. Nobody knows what I was doing – is it Chinese medicine or Western ???? Nobody knows what is naturopathy or there is such a thing called Western herbal medicine.

I got no money to advertise my practice. I did not have a salary for 3 to 4 years. All my savings were wiped out. I got nobody to help me.

How was I able to persevere? Someone offered me the job of a spa director in China but I turned it down. I also rejected multi-level marketing business opportunities.

I believe I was asked to do this for a higher purpose. My belief in this higher purpose keeps me going despite the odds. Nothing motivates me to carry on more than this higher purpose. It also helps me to be happier and purposeful. This is the 7th Sacred Letter of Wellness I spoke about in my book – Spirituality. It is so important for happiness and health that I put it as one of the Sacred Letters of health.

Spirituality has to do with inner work – transformation from within your deepest self; the true self. The true self requires surrender to love and to a higher purpose. As Lao Tze, the Chinese philosopher said – Surrender brings perfection.

If you work from within, no suffering or pain can conquer you.


About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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