Embrace diversity

I read with great admiration an article in Straits Times (dated Saturday July 13, 2013) regarding a young Miss World Singapore contestant’s project to petition dialects to be included in our media. We are at the moment not able to embrace our own roots and cultures via our own dialects because of our mono mentality. Note: By the way, Mandarin is a dialect of the Northern Chinese.

What is this has to do with my subject – wellness? The key concept and attitude is embracing diversity. We are born in a world of diversity – religions, cultures, races, genders, sexual orientations etc. When we are able to appreciate (and not tolerate) diversity in views, opinions and respect others who are different from us – be it religion, cultures, races, we are actually living what the 6th century Chinese philosopher, Lao Tze said – Whatever is flexible and flowing will tend to grow; whatever is rigid (and dogmatic and legalistic) and blocked will wither and die (From Leaf to Life, p.270).

Embracing diversity also applies to wellness and medicine. No school of thought be it conventional or complementary or traditional has all the answers. Each one is a piece to the whole truth. We need to learn from one another and gather the best for the benefit of mankind.

Having said that, I do support (along with Dr Chua of the Singapore Heritage Society)Ms Jeraldine Phneah’s petition. I admire her courage to stand for what you believe in. If you wish to support her, sign in



About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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One Response to Embrace diversity

  1. Vivien Ler says:

    I agree with you that embracing diversity can be enriching, particularly in the field of medicine as wisdom of our forefathers and others who only speak dialects can be passed on..

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