We learn through interaction


A shot taken in the largest Buddhist temple in Bali, Indonesia.

During my recent holiday stay in Bali, the manager of the retreat centre shared that many people in Bali (especially the tourists) seek traditional healing from Balinese healers for what she called ‘instant success’ and she thinks it is not a healthy sign. I never thought of any negative aspect of it. I asked about traditional healing as I was eager to find out more since it was made popular by Julia Roberts in the movie Pray, Eat and Love.. She also shared some of the herbs that I never thought of that can be used for healing and beauty.

Many times we do not learn about ourselves or about things – health, knowledge etc., without interaction with others. There is limitation to the written word (even though I did my best to put my thoughts in my new book From Leaf to Life).

For this reason, I try to do my best to organise at least once a year, a workshop or a retreat for my clients to learn not only from the head but from the heart. We are not born to be alone. As social creatures, we need to interact with others and nature to learn not only from others but to live it. I may have an advanced degree in herbal medicine but I still need to attend annual seminars myself and also to learn from ordinary folks like the manager of the retreat centre and the village people.


About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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