CM to be covered by insurance?

From the Singapore Conversation, health care is one of the top concerns here. A lot of discussion was focused on Medisave etc which of course are important.

I am not sure anyone brought up this point – The best way to tackle cost is prevention. Complementary medicine (CM)such as naturopathy, chiropractice, herbal medicine, homeopathy is getting very popular. These therapies focus more on wellness rather than sickness; though they do treat the latter in a holistic manner as well.

I have a client who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She told me why the insurance company is not paying for all the herbs, nutrition etc that keep her well while her medical screenings and doctor’s consultations are paid even though nothing from them are saving her?

If population is healthy, don’t you think there will be less burden on the national reserves and the healthcare system?

Why not allow CM to be paid by insurance??


About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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