A herb found to be potent cancer causing & alkaline water issue

A joint study conducted by researchers from NCC (National cancer centre Singapore), Duke-NUS and a hospital in Taiwan found that the Aristolochia plant used in traditional Chinese medicine and present in many weight loss products has potent carcinogenic compounds.

Traditional medicines and products sold in organic or health food shops do not equate safety. On ther other hand, there are also many traditional herbs found to be safe and non toxic or what we called evidenced based medicine.

Evidenced based phytotherapy is the foundation of my medical herbalist’s practice. I do not sell nor prescribe herbs just because it sells very well in the market or simply is traditional.

For example, under guideline from my association in Australia, I don’t recommend red yeast rice to control cholesterol. Interestingly, this supplement is found in many pharmacies and health food stores. This is because red yeast has been found to act like ‘statin’ drug, which potentially can be toxic to the liver.

The other popular product in the market is alkaline water. My naturopathic background tells me that nature tended us to drink clean water not altered water. In my opinion, the best beverage is medicinal herbal tea or water. In large scale population studies around the world, most older old adults (>90 years old individuals) consumed these beverages on a daily basis.

Although I do not agree everything said in this video but it may give you an idea why alkaline water is not recommended for daily consumption.



About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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