14th year Anniversary – A Big Thank you

Today is a very special day (Dec 8) for Sebastian Liew Centre Pte Ltd (SLC). It is my 14th year in clinical practice. It is also a public holiday in many European countries such as Italy and Portugal.

First of all, SLC wish to say a big Thank You for your continuous support and patronage.You are always in my daily prayer; especially for your well-being.

I dedicated SLC in a small and serene Chapel in Paris as a sign of our committment to run our business based on healing principles. These healing principles was written and published in my new book From Leaf to Life (click http://slnaturopath.com/products/books/).

Although we don’t always walk the talk, this dedication helps us to remain focus on the social dimension of our practice and business.

We will be holding our annual The Leaf to Life workshop in July 2014 and this will be as usual a project to help us support a school for poor children in Nepal. Please let me know if you wish to volunteer for this workshop such as cooking and preparing the buffet lunch etc. Do make a date with us and learn how to be well in body, mind and soul. The theme for this workshop will be the 2rd Credo mentioned in my book – I open myself to grace.

My book From Leaf to Life shall have an Asian version for 2014. The book will also be published in the Chinese language. I will be looking for Individual Wellness Ambassadors to promote and sell the book. Everyone is welcome to join the project. Do drop me a mail if you are interested to sell the book. The objective is to promote natural medicine or holistic wellness awareness.

Have a great week ahead. Lots of blessings


About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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3 Responses to 14th year Anniversary – A Big Thank you

  1. Vivien Ler says:

    It is heartening to hear of your dedicating SLC at a chapel, significantly, a place of healing too.
    Congrats and God bless!

  2. sebastian liew says:

    Thanks Vivien for your well wishes.

  3. sebastian liew says:

    Thanks Vivien for your kind wishes. I hope to do the best I can but I do need lots of support from others to promote awareness of natural medicine. I cant ‘fight’ alone.

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