Tissue healing is the key to better health

We often measure our health via parameters such as blood pressure and cholesterol level. But what about the stability of our blood vessels i.e. tissue strength and resilience of the cells and tissues?

Do you know that the primary causes of heart disease are blood vessel instability, tissue weakness and spasms as a result of nutrient deficiencies? This may explain why some people can die from a heart attack or stroke despite having normal blood pressure and cholesterol readings.

The first primary prevention is the lifestyle program I mentioned in my book From Leaf to Life i.e. the 7 Sacred Letters of Wellnesss.

Another most powerful way to build resilience in our tissues is the regular consumption of herbs that are known to promote tissue healing such as Emblica officinalis as in my product Phytolec (click on http://www.slnaturopath.com for details),yarrow and Gotu kola.

Start working on it and you will age gracefully.


About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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