Protect your lungs

The environmental ministry warned that the present haze and hazardous particles associated with it may affect the lungs and the blood. In other words, air pollution may increase the risk of lung cancer (even for non-smokers) and heart attacks.

I believe this will be an ongoing problem for all of us. Therefore continuous protection is necessary. As mentioned in my book From Leaf to Life, Credo 8: Our bodies need unceasing care.

We can control our diet but we cannot stop breathing. The only way is to constantly feed your body with herbs that are powerful enough to neutralise the toxins; to stop them from causing inflammation or damage to your cells.

Some of the best remedies are hart tongue elixir (very good for the liver and cough), nettle as in Phytocel tea and Emblica officinalis as in Phytolec. These herbs have an affinity for the lungs and the liver. For example Emblica officinalis is clinically proven to reduce oxidative damage to cells induced by smoking via improvement in liver function. The herb horsetail is also a good preventive medicine for the lungs, especially for the elderly. Galangal is excellent to treat and prevent a heart attack. Make into a wine and drink nightly.


About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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