Chronic low grade depression and anxiety

Are you alive every morning and upon rising and stay ‘high’ throughout the day? If not you may be suffering from chronic low grade depression and anxiety.

Chronic depression and anxiety resulting from daily work, exposure to all kinds of ‘energies’ around us, our limiting beliefs, wrong diet, environmental stress etc. lead to inflammation, which is associated with diseases such as skin allergies, chronic lung problem, chronic cough, digestive disorders, joint aches and pain, sleep disorders and even cancer.

Wonder why we have so much physical discomfort despite a healthy diet, financial well being and material comfort??
This is because we deny these low grade but chronic depression and anxiety. We often choose to deny them by keeping ourselves busy. Busyness may keep you ‘alive’ but the emptiness is still inside you. Ruin creeps on us unawares, and finally the net spread and catch us.

Find out more how we can prevent and overcome this ‘disease’ and create a new you via The Leaf to Life workshop 2014. Please register early as seats are limited.

Don’t wait till you have time as most Singaporeans tell me; wait till my children go to school, wait till I feel like it, wait till I retire (how do you know whether you can retire?) etc… This is also a form of denial.

Act now!!



About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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2 Responses to Chronic low grade depression and anxiety

  1. Dear Sebastian
    We met in Mae Wang, Chiangmai in 2013. I was just wondering how you are
    doing and aare you planning to come back to Chiangmai. If you are planning
    another visit you can take some time to visit the Boonsom Spirulina Farm
    where fine quality spirulina has been cultivated for over 20 years
    certified GMP, HAACP, ISO 22000. Virtual tour

    Let me know when you will be visiting. I’ll make arrangements for you.

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