The key to anti-aging

The key to anti-aging or to slow down the progression of age related diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, dry & aging skin is assimilation, the 2rd Sacred Letter of Wellness in my book From Leaf to Life.

You can retard aging via the digestive system because more than 70% of your immune cells is in the gut. In addition, this is the site of metabolism.

Listed are some ways:

1. Adhere to a healthy diet as in The Leaf to Life diet (p.328 of the book From Leaf to Life) as far as possible.

2. Supplement with enzymes supplement for a month per year. The SL-zyme by SL nutraceuticals, in addition to enzymes to digest protein, contains serratia peptidase, a highly active and specific endopeptidase, which is widely used to assist recovery after surgery or trauma, support joint function, and assist the respiratory system in breaking down and clearing mucous.

3. Put one tablespoon of fleaseeds to your morning cereal or spelt harbermus breakfast or take fleaseed wine for a month. This will prevent and heal leaky gut syndrome and inflammation.

4 Add prebiotic foods to your diet: dandelion as in Phytocel tea, fennel and bananas (unless you are allergic to it).

5. If possible, do the SL healing gut program as in page 236 of my book From Leaf to Life. This will completely restore healthy micro-flora and digestive health. The St Hildegard mew spice is also an effective kitchen remedy to ward off all bacteria from your gut.

6 Supplement your diet with the herb Bertram or add to your food. Bertram inhibits candida, bacteria, viruses and harmful fungus from our body systems. It is used to treat dengue and malaria and HIV infection. In addition, bertram prevents dementia and promotes good memory. For more details, read page 183 of my book From Leaf to Life.

7. Supplement with Emblica officinalis as in Phytolec. Phytolec promotes ‘digestive fire’ and healing/ strengthening of tissues and cells.

About Sebastian Liew

Matthew Wood, the renowned American herbalist described Sebastian as ‘one of the most unique and talented practitioners of natural healing and herbalism.’ The New Paper (Singapore) called Sebastian Liew 'The Medicine Man'. Indeed, Sebastian is a qualified and registered Medical Herbalist (accredited by the National Herbalists Association of Australia), with a Master's degree in Herbal Medicine from the University of New England, Australia. He is the first medical herbalist in Singapore and is known to popularize phytotherapy (Western herbal medicine), European traditional medicine, and St Hildegard medicine (Germany) in Singapore and probably in Asia. Sebastian has 20 years clinical work experiences and treated numerous patients with different medical conditions from all age groups in his Singapore clinic. Sebastian authored the book, Leaf to Life: The Natural Approach to Slow Down Aging and Living a Healing Life, which set the fundamentals for healthy aging and the prevention or treatment for almost all diseases.
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