Heart patients in Singapore are younger than those in the West.

This is a headline news from The Straits Times dated 3 June 2014.

It was reported that a 62 years old man who exercised regularly via cycling suffered a heart attack that left him unable to walk for some time. This kind of news is quite common as we read many cases of medically fit individuals (probably with no history of heart problems or may be already on medications to control blood pressure and cholesterol) who suffered a heart attack (or drop dead) in the midst of exercising.

Why is this so? Exercise is definitely a good therapy for prevention of heart problems. As stated in my book Leaf to Life, poor circulation is the mother of all diseases. However, this does not refer to competitive exercises.

In addition, the key (as stated in my previous article) is tissue’s stability and modulation of inflammation. The strength and stability of the blood vessels and good circulation remain a key factor in preventing heart attacks and strokes. Medications do not address these root causes.

In my book Leaf to Life, I stated 7 keys to health – The 7 Sacred Letters of Wellness. We need to cover all 7 areas to treat or prevent diseases. I invite to explore further.


About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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