How to read cholesterol readings?

This is the most misunderstood topic in health.

First of all, cholesterol is needed by your body to produce hormones such as estrogen, DHEA (anti-aging), growth hormones and testosterone. Without it we cannot function and age prematurely. High cholesterol is usually due to stress and not on diet alone. In fact diet plays a small role in the increased in cholesterol. The main ‘sinful’ foods are sugar, white flour and all kinds of processed food.

Vegetarians (who eat no cholesterol) may also have high cholesterol. The liver sensing no cholesterol from diet produces more cholesterol to give you the hormones.

There is no such thing as good and bad cholesterol. It is a matter of balance between LDL and HDL and the ratio of total cholesterol and HDL.

The ratio of LDL/HDL should be < 3 and the cholesterol / HDL should be < 4.51. Triglycerides should be lower than 200 and I believe this is crucial as high triglyceride level is a precursor to diabetes.

Too often drugs such as statins are prescribed just because there is high LDL without looking at the ratios. This is unfortunate as side effects of statins include muscle weakness and weakening of the heart muscles.

What we need to do is to increase the HDL so that the ratio stays in balance, strengthen the heart muscles and circulation. Measures include:

1. Stress reduction
2. Good sleep (please don’t take sleeping pills and melatonin supplements)
3. Improve heart function with parsley elixir and vermouth elixir, galangal and Emblica officinalis as in Phytolec.
4. Improve liver function with herbs such as artichoke and dandelion leaf.
5. Supplement with Omega 3 as in SL Ultra potent Omega
6. Moderate exercise. Brisk walking is best.
7. Eat a plant based diet with lots of greens


About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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