Addiction (to hand phone) – a cover up for pain?

I would like to relate an example of ‘extreme’ addiction to the mobile phone – One Sunday, a mother together with three of her teenage children walked into a church for religious service. One of her girls started to surf using her mobile. She continues to do this throughout the service without paying attention to the sermon. Alright, never mind. After communion (which is a very sacred moment for Christians), instead of spending time in reflection or even a short period of prayer, she immediately surf again.

Similarly, are your children talking to you during dinner time or busy with their phone?

We may feel disappointed with their behavior. However, there may be an underlying cause for this addictive behavior.

From a nutritional biochemistry’s perspective, any form of addiction ( whether is alcohol, mobile phone or even busyness) is associated with lower endorphin level in our blood and the brain. Endorphin is a natural pain killer; a kind of ‘high’ you may experience after a workout.

Therefore addictive behavior like the one described may be a cover up for pain. Life is too painful and too stressful. We don’t want to resolve our pain but to cover up with alcohol or what most people in Singapore do – sink ourselves into a world of fairy tale dramas, heavy metal music and information overload. It is well noted that obsessive compulsive behavior is a sign of addiction.

Is this healthy for your mind, body and soul? As long as we don’t resolve our pain, we experience it in other ways – chronic allergies, insomnia, anxiety, depression, suicidal tendency, inflammation, skin diseases, digestive disorder, heart attack etc.


About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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