How should you treat an acute condition – flu or cold or fever?

In my book Leaf to Life, I stated that if acute conditions like a fever or a cold are suppressed with medications before they have run their natural course, you are practically throwing back into your body morbid matter or toxins which nature is trying to get rid of, and add to long term immune weakness and possibly autoimmunity.

I have treated many children of common ailments and this is my constant observation – Parents who treat their children’s flu, cold, cough, fever etc. with natural methods as the first primary intervention such as Kneipp’s water cure, herbs that modulate (not boost) the immune and fasting from solid foods (refer pg 236 of my book for my detox drink) often find their kids having less infection, faster recovery and enhanced overall wellness.
This applies to us adults too!

What should you do if you catch a fever?

1. Use natural methods of healing first before any pharmaceutical interventions.
2. Fast for one to 3 days (refer to my book pg 236 or ask me). Do colon cleansing.
3. Learn how to use Kneipp’s water cure techniques to manage the fever.
4. Use the appropriate herb/s to modulate the immune and promotes elimination of toxins. Many of you find the product Andrographis complex very helpful. Or you may need to see me for a customized blend of herbs.
5. Use pharmaceuticals only if symptoms are too severe (such as severe headache) and persists after 3 days of fast and herbs. By then, most symptoms will quickly subside. This is because the body was allowed to run its own natural course and the body was strengthened by the herbs in the first place.


About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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