Knee and spinal operations can be avoided.

Collagen is a protein of the connective tissues found in our skin, joints etc. As we age, our body loses its ability to make collagen, that forms a very important part of our joints and skin.

Collagen forms an important part in treating and preventing:

– Bone mineral density and strength, thus helping in osteopenia and bone loss (osteoporosis)
– spinal injury
– arthritis
– sports injury
– Degeneration of joint structure
– Macular degeneration ( aging eyes)

However, for many elderly persons and for those prone to joint diseases, stimulating collagen synthesis may not be sufficient. I found supplementing bioavailable collagen such as 100% pure fish scale collagen is more effective to treat the above.

A simple treatment and prevention plan is:

1. Phytolec: Amla berry as in Phytolec is a herb scientically proven to stimulate collagen synthesis. It provides nutrients and antioxidants for the joints, eyes, skin and the bone. Also for immunity and digestion. For further details, go to my website.

2. Phytocel tea, a blend of herbs formulated by myself to rid the body of harmful uric acid, which can cause joint pains. Also for preventing kidney and urinary stones.

3. Fish scale collagen. Many collagen products in the market are made from pork etc. and added with flavoring and additives are not very biovailable. We now carry a product that is pure 100% collagen that is predigested for maximum biovailability. Call me for further details.

With such preventive measures, many knee and spine operations can be avoided.


About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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