Myths of phytomedicine 1: You can go to a supplement store; you don’t need a naturopath or herbalist

This is one of my series of short articles on myths of natural medicine

Natural herbal supplements are easily available over the internet, food stores and via multi-level marketing without a doctor’s prescription.

This means that patients and consumers are subject to marketing schemes and misinformation. Please don’t refer to internet for advise or information.

A medical herbalist is a qualified and accredited professional.  He or she  is required to abide by a code of conduct and ethics. For example I am not allowed to sell multi-level marketing products (MLM) as there is conflict of interest (I know some doctors do; so sad).

As a professional, I take your health history ( spending 60 minutes or more) and then spend time to develop a holistic protocol for you. This is far more effective (and not wasting money buying supplements from internet or stores and guessing how to use it) than buying based on promotional schemes (which usually happens when stocks are expiring or over inventory) or figuring out how to use it safely.

I also customized my herbs to suit each individual and is based on a holistic protocol. Without a holistic protocol, any supplement taken on its own is worthless. I mentioned this in detail in my book Leaf to Life.

I can also tell you whether what you are taking is based on evidence and whether the product is produced by a practitioner /doctor based company. There are many health supplements sold which contain questionable ingredients, pharmaceutical drugs and ‘strange’ herbal formulas. Please don’t assume that just because someone holds a Phd, he or she knows about herbs.


About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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