The psycho-spiritual power of herbs

In most cases, we will send someone with a neurological dysfunction such as depression, anxiety, low self esteem and lack of concentration to a psychologist, counsellor etc..
This may sounds logical since we are dealing with psychological issues.

Yet, this type of thinking is a result of dualism – the separation of the body and mind and soul. It is said that dualism started in the 13th century when the Catholic Church prohibited priests and religious from practicing medicine. The priests were asked to concentrate on soul matters. The mind in the hands of the psychologists and the physical body to doctors. Isn’t this still happening?

Like most traditional medicine, naturopathy believes that there is no separation of the body, mind, soul and nature. Therefore, the naturopath seeks to treat the whole person.

Let’s quote a simple example. According to this thinking, we are interconnected with nature. Nature can affects us physically and emotionally and even spiritually. Herbs, as part of creation can influence our mind and emotions and therefore it can be used to treat neurological disorders.

I have a couple of my clients telling me how the rosemary wine I taught them during last year Leaf to Life workshop helps them to be more confident and assertive. The yarrow wine I taught also helps those who are in grief. Magical ? Not if you understand the interconnection of the body, mind, soul and nature.

Therefore, we need to work on the physical body with medicinal foods and diet coupled with other psychological tools in order to heal the whole person.

This is my constant approach in dealing with emotional sicknesses.


About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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