Myth 2 – Phytotherapy or natural health is only complementary medicine

Myth 2 – Phytotherapy or natural health is only complementary medicine

Phytotherapy is often classified as complementary medicine (CM). This gives the impression that it is only for ‘just in case’ and is really not necessary for healing any disease condition. Conventional medicine should be sufficient. As such, doctors often downplay the role of CM.

However clinical experiences (both from my patients and myself) tell us a different story.

Often we found that phytotherapy when applied holistically are effective even in acute cases such as infection. I have treated many cases of chronic infection with herbs without the use of antibiotics.

I am not against the use of pharmaceuticals especially in cases of life threatening diseases or extreme discomfort (such as pain) associated with the condition.

In cases where pharmaceuticals are needed, phytomedicine can assists in lessening the duration of the disease process or the need for prolonged medication. Therefore, we see many cases where herbs can lessen the need for more antibiotics, painkillers, anti-inflammatories and chemo drugs.

Why?  Pharmaceuticals are effective to suppress symptoms of a disease, while phytotherapy is effective in promoting the normal functioning of the organs of the body. The restoration of health is the main objective of natural health.

We should try to treat any non life threatening condition with herbs, diet etc. first before pharmaceuticals. This approach strengthens your body and helps in speedier recovery,

If such is the power of phytotherapy i.e. restoration of functions of the body, can it be still classified as complementary?


About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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