EFA and skin

Earlier on, I spoke about EFA deficiency in chronic infection, cancer, stroke etc. Now let’s look at the health of our skin and hair. 


Do you have the following signs?: 


– Cracking of finger nails

– dry skin 

– dullness of skin 

– Mixture of oily and dry skin, so called combination skin

– Brittle hair 

– Cradle cap 

– dandruff, hair loss

– chicken skin, eczema etc.


One of the main causes is essential fatty acid deficiency. 


Introducing Phyto-EFA, a new product created for Sebastian Liew Centre. 

Phyto-EFA 200k below


Phyto-EFA is a proprietary essential oil blend consisting of unrefined, unadulterated parent essential oils of certified organic sunflower, evening primrose, virgin coconut, pumpkin seed and flaxseed oils, which will provide your body with all the essential fatty acids in the right balance. They are called essential as the body cannot produce them. 


Please note that EFA is a nutrient while herbs such as Phytolec are used to improve functions of the organs. You need both. 


Unlike most products in the market, It provides you with all the parent (not derivatives) EFA in balace, without overdosing in any form. For example, some people take flaxseed oil or fish oil alone. You can create deficiency in other types of EFAs if you do. Fish oils are also not recommended as their sources and purity are controversial.  



About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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