Secrets to health success

Our population is aging. That’s for sure.

Do you expect your children to take care of you when you’re old?

If you are single, how would you cope with aging issues?

Our health care system may be one of the best in the world, but the fact is that it is more of a sick care system rather than wellness care system. It’s emphasis is on regular screening and pharmaceuticals. Yes we may talk about health promotion like regular exercise and balanced diet, but are these enough to face the challenges of aging?

Too often, some patients and clients lamented that natural health care is expensive. They don’t feel that screening, surgery, drugs, chemotherapy are expensive because they are claimable. And so you see your health care choices are already determined by the system. You are put into a system with limited choices. We don’t even realize we are actually in a maze.

Have you ever asked why we cannot claim for organic food, since it is a healthy choice? Why only pharmaceuticals and hospital bills? Oh, it is evidenced based. Really? I can  show you research papers from top medical journals that show otherwise.

I believe the key to healthy or successful aging is resilience in body, mind and spirit. This is backed by solid scientific evidence. Therefore, I summarized all the health factors to build resilience into what I called 9 Credos and 7 Letters of healing in my book Leaf to Life: Unlock’s nature secrets to true health.

For example, one of the Credos is – My body need unceasing care. 

If you spend time learning (and not just knowing) and implementing healing strategies (which I put as the 7 Letters and 9 Credos) in baby steps on a daily basis, you are already moving towards a healthful life. This will potentially put less reliance on your children or society to take of you when’re older. This is self reliance and resilience – the only way to stay well in our modern society without incurring high medical costs.

In addition, you are actualizing the 1st Credo of Wellness in my book – I love myself. 








About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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