Hybridization of grains

‘ Wheat is hot and rich. It is a complete food. Flour must be made from wheat without sifting out the bran, or the result will be a loaf of anemic bread…. of all the grains that can be made into a flour or porridge, spelt is the best…’  

St Hildegard of Bingen in Causes and Cures 

It is interesting to note that Hildegard already told us 900 over years ago that wheat flour should not be refined white flour. It should be whole wheat in order to be a healthy food.

However, modern wheat is almost 100% hybrid and possibly genetically modified (GMO). This is why modern wheat is a cause of many digestive diseases and allergies.

Spelt is the best grain to build good bowel flora and most digestive. It has a better nutritional profile (  6 to 7 x) than brown rice (brown rice sold are also GMO). However, modern spelt sold in many supermarkets  are also of hybrid variety. This is because hybrid variety gives better yield and higher profit.

I only source from Hildegard medicine based suppliers and growers. They only supply the original spelt grain products without hybridization.

I do encourage you to eat real spelt food regularly. You don’t have to take much probiotic supplements if you do so. It also contains compounds that stimulate stem cell renewal. Example is a delicious spelt schrot lunch and breakfast.

Please read my book Leaf to Life for more details on spelt.







About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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