Be gentle to the liver

With the exception of the colon, the liver detoxify toxins gently.

As such, we need to work in harmony with nature’s laws.Be gentle to your body is one of the main teachings in naturopathy.

There are a lot of information out there including some health ‘gurus’ and alternative practitioners who advocate daily coffee enema and gall bladder flush to detoxify the liver. Enema does have a place in treatment such as in acute fever but not something you do daily. Stressing your liver and gall bladder daily is not the way to detoxify.

The liver needs nutrients and quality protein to detoxify toxins such as chestnut honey. It does not need to be ‘stressed’ to do the job. Hildegard von Bingen also advocates moderation as key to everything and she gave us the hart tongue elixir for the liver.

This is why my 6 weeks gut rejuvenation program is designed to be gentle and healing for body and mind.


About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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