I am treating a living person

I don’t use any machines or endless screenings to diagnose my patients’ condition. I may run some tests to confirm. That’s it.
A patient asked me why I knew she had a left side breast issue and another asked why I knew of his over reactive stress syndrome in the first visit.
Why? Because I am treating a living being. I want to observe the life force in you via pulse, tongue, skin, the way you talk, respond, hair, facial features…etc. It is like observing the environment. If it is polluted, what will happen in future to the people living there?
This is why I need to see the patient physically. I cannot rely on skype consultation.
In true holistic and natural medicine practice, we don’t always rely on machines (who made these machines?) to tell me about the person. We need to develop our innate healing ability, senses and intuition and compassion.
As such, no clinical trials based on biomedical model can test fully the efficacy of phytotherapy. They are testing how the patient respond to the drug rather than what is the patient’s response.

About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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