There is no such thing as ‘bad’ cholesterol

The popularity and promotion of statin drugs to lower cholesterol is so ingrained in us that we have forgotten what is cholesterol and why the liver in the first place makes cholesterol.

Let me explain in simple terms.

First of all the liver makes cholesterol. Why would your body produces something bad for you?

The so-called ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDLs) is activated by the liver to repair tears, lesions and wounds and inflammation on the tissue walls. You see cracks on your wall and you patch it up with a thick layer of paint. After the job is done, the so-called ‘good’ cholesterol comes to smooth out the LDLs so that they won’t pile up and cause blood clotting, high blood pressure etc.

Statin drugs work by stopping the liver to produce cholesterol. But that doesn’t solve the problem of inflammation, weak tissues, wounds, and lesions on the vascular walls i.e. like keep painting the walls but the walls keep cracking. In addition, a diet low in cholesterol doesn’t make any scientific sense. Cholesterol is needed to produce all your hormones. If your diet is low or no cholesterol (such as very strict vegan), the liver sensing no supply will produce more cholesterol. I have seen so many strict vegans having high bad and good cholesterol. Without cholesterol, the tissues will tear. This is why so people suffered from stroke and heart attacks despite statin drugs.

Therefore if the walls are repaired, the liver will not send anymore or much LDLs to the walls. Repairing the walls i.e reducing inflammation and healing the wounds and scars is the key to good heart health. These wounds, scars, and tears and rough spots are caused by aging process (tissue weakness) accelerated by poor diet, poor blood circulation, toxins, and stress.

Repairing the walls require continuous rejuvenation (which I spoke so much in my book Leaf to Life) through diet, herbs, stress management and all the 7 Letters I mentioned. You can rejuvenate the tissues and prevent inflammation via certain herbs such as Phyllanthus emblica ( as in Phytolec), collagen as in Fishkoll, Vitamin C with r-alpha lipoic with etheric delivery (also reduce ‘bad’ cholesterol) and essential fatty acids such as PhytoEFA and most of all  -stress management via hydrotherapy, prayer, meditation and inner work on your emotions (anger, impatience, unforgiveness, pride and failure to let go of past hurts). The psycho-spiritual part is detailed in Hildegard von Bingen’s teaching on the 35 virtues and vices, which are spiritual factors that can manifest as physical symptoms.





About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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