A note to the Mind and Body

This is what I wrote to Joyce Teo, one of the writers in Mind and Body in the Straits Times. I believe our society need to be more inclusive and seek the views from a balanced approach before making any judgment.

Reference your article in Straits Times (dated Nov 29, 2016), I am quite disappointed that you only gathered comments on herbs from medical doctors and strangely dietitian on the use of phytotherapy.

We are increasingly talking about inclusiveness in our society. Why didn’t you seek opinions from consumers and better still qualified professionals in natural medicine such as naturopaths, medical herbalists, Ayurvedic, TCM etc. on the use of herbs? Are you bounded by some ‘authorities’ not to do so?

Are the doctors etc. you interviewed have enough clinical experiences in using herbs both on themselves and in patients to offer a balanced comment? Do they have a degree, masters or doctoral degrees in herbal medicine to offer comments on herbs and natural medicine? Do they have hands-on experiences in using herbs for a substantial number of patients or consumers?

Do you know that there are countless people in our country who have benefited from herbs such as turmeric? I alone have treated or seen many cases of osteoarthritis who were on the verge of surgery healed of the condition with herbs such as turmeric and celery.  I suggest you should interview the users instead for a balanced view.

I believe the press should give the reader a wide spectrum of information from all walks of health care and allows the public to make an informed choice. No health care system is a ‘Vatican’ of medicine. All are useful in their own right and consumers has the right to choose.


About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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