Re-design your life for the new year

Lately, I heard so much about retrenchment and pay cut. I can feel your pain. My first job seeking period was in 1985 – the year of a recession. I was laid off from my first job. Twice in my life, I had tendered my resignation without a job, (bearing in mind I was then the sole breadwinner of the family).

Nevertheless, with the help of Providence, I remained very positive. My parents were not upset. In fact, we just assumed we would have the money. We continued to go YUM CHA (Cantonese tea drinking as usual) and I continued to give to church and charity.

Perhaps abundance thinking works!

My initial working years were spent with a famed American MNC. During that period, I was required to travel to the States as a project coordinator.  My interaction with the American culture taught me several things including:

  • Openness to new things and diversity. Perhaps this is what drives me – a 360-degree change from engineering to naturopathy.
  • Willingness to challenge the status quo. Children in America are rewarded, not punished, for challenging the status quo – challenge the government, traditions and even religious leaders.  For me, I challenge myself, my limitation and my assumption. Why do I need to continue with engineering and marketing, just because I spent 3 years studying for an engineering diploma and a bachelor degree in business?
  • Always maintain the ‘can do’ spirit. I can do it!
  • Ah this one – The virtue of simplicity. I can breathe freely and be free from the necessity to change myself to fit in or to meet the expectation of others. I don’t have to adhere to societal agenda. I follow my heart.

I believe these are the traits that are necessary to innovate and recreate one’s life for the future. The first step is to know what really makes me alive and happy? And not what is the best paying job or business? The latter will be a by-product of the first.

So, we are back to the question – what/who is the centre of my life?  The 7th Sacred letter of wellness™ in my book Leaf to Life: Unlock nature’s secrets to true health.

I wish you all the best for the New Year. May Providence shine on you and guide you to a life of fulfilment.


About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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