Singapore to tackle bacterial resistance to antibiotics. Is it effective?

It is commendable that the authorities are working on tackling bacterial resistance to antibiotics. Doctors are cautioned not to prescribe antibiotics unnecessary as antibiotics are useless against viral conditions such as fever and many upper respiratory conditions.


One person quoted in this article said that he needed antibiotics regularly for his tonsilitis. I hope he will find out soon that herbs can cure his condition. Phyllanthus emblica in Phytolec is one of those herbs.

We are also constantly ingesting antibiotic residues especially from meat. In fact, most antibiotics produced are for livestock and agriculture, including fish farming. This is why I mentioned in my book – Leaf to Life: Unlock nature’s secrets to true health that meat (raw meat especially), fish and eggs should be consumed no more than 3 times a week.

However, what many of us are not aware is that almost all medications affect the gut flora, which is the core of our immune system. All forms of medication do increase risk of leaky gut syndrome, which is a good terrain for ‘bad’ bacteria. Once damage is done, it takes a long time to repair.

Phytotherapy and diet can prevent bacterial resistance. This is confirmed in many studies, which unfortunately is ignored by mainstream medical community. Perhaps, there is not enough financial incentives to promote such an alternative. And there is not enough awareness that phytotherapy can build health and treat bacterial/viral conditions (phytotherapy is a better option than traditonal herbal medicine).

This is why my client-friends and myself will be organising the first Herb Festival  in August (August 5, 2017). We hope we can create a platform to create continuous herb awareness. Please mark your calender and join us.

Chronic diseases are developed from mismanagement of acute diseases. We need to treat and prevent diseases, whether is a minor cold or cough naturally, so as to prevent leaky gut and disturbances in the gut flora. Taking probiotic supplements alone will not repair the system. This is why I treated so many cases of tonsilitis, cough, cold, urinary tract infection, ear/throat infection, sinusitis, fever etc., all just with herbs and diet change. Herbs do not affect gut flora. They enhance it.

In addition, there are some food and herbs that can build good bacteria in our gut –

fennel as tea or food or supplement

Pellitory root as in Bertram

burdock root

green tea

Dandelion leaf as in Phytocel tea

Onions and garlic ( garlic raw and cooked onions)

spelt grains

Fleaseeds (boil with red wine)



About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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