Poor absorption equals liver overload

The old natural medicine masters such as the Greek physician Hippocrates, the Persian Avicenna, and the German Hildegard von Bingen taught us that all diseases begin in the gut (digestive).

Modern anti-aging studies found one common factor in older people – poor digestion.

Poor digestion such as lack of stomach acid (drugs such as antacids suppress stomach acid; imagine taking the drug for years) and poor diet, leading to leaky gut syndrome and malabsorption. This, in turn, places extra stress on the liver.

The brain’s neurons depend on the liver to protect them from toxins. This is why diseases such as Parkinson’s diseases and memory disorders are associated with poor liver’s  function.

The first step is to improve digestion and stomach acid. This is why I created Phyto-nzyme, which is a blend of herbs to stimulate stomach acid and enzymes. It can be taken long term to improve digestion and elimination of toxins. One of the herbs in Phyto-nzyme is dandelion root, which also helps to prevent gallstones, uric acid, and high cholesterol. Other useful remedies are vermouth elixir, fennel, and pellitory root. I prefer a liquid extract such as Phyto-nzyme as liquid extract promotes good blood circulation, which is essential for metabolism






About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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