Relax and all will falls into place

Ancient Chinese sages attribute the cause of all diseases to constant worry (anxiety) and anger. Hildegard von Bingen, the famed 12th-century Christian mystic considered anger and impatience, the greatest vices.

Why? Because worry and anger are based on fear. Constant fear can be manifested as unnecessary busyness, rushing, constant need to be in control, seeking a quick fix, easily irritable, close minded, and stinginess. The person is constantly tensed. Healing is blocked when there are fear and worry. The person will go on doctor shopping with no lasting cure. I find it difficult to treat anything unless I can help him or her to relax. This is also one the reasons why I often prescribed adaptogenic herbs such as Eleuthero and Rhodiola or fresh tinctures (which works very well) of skullcap, wood betony, and lavender.

I was a practitioner of bodywork for a couple of years. One such bodywork techniques I have applied was Quantum touch or energy massage. The technique doesn’t require ‘massage’ but rather focused touch on certain meridian points. Amazing things happen when the person is relaxed. The curvature of the spine known as scoliosis was healed after an hour of touch therapy. In addition, the client was able to share her deeper thoughts and feelings, leading to emotional healing.

The greatest hindrance to cure is fear. The greatest remedy is letting go, surrender, and trust in yourself, your physician, and Providence.


About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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