The most powerful secret to wellness

One of the most established and scientifically proven secrets to health, and possibly longevity is what I called in my book Leaf to Life: Unlock nature’s secrets to true health – LOVE (The 4th sacred letter of wellness).

In case, you think love is such a big word. Love is what gives resilience. This is the secret to wellness, much more important than diet alone.

Love —-> Resilience

How to have resilience?

Two factors – 

  • Passion for something in life. Something which will give you that spark in your eyes. It could be your job or your hobby or social work.  Never do anything just because it is socially or religiously acceptable or just because of money and fringe benefits (how many days of leave or dental benefits I will get?). It must be YOU.  Well, you may say computer game is my passion. Read on…
  • This passion of yours will improve your life (body, mind, and soul) and the lives of others or the environment. Got it? This is usually the missing step.

In this way, you are not just surviving, you are living your life.

Nothing will rob your happiness.


About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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