Diet and depression

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There is already a lot of good evidence to suggest that a healthy diet pattern, such as the Mediterranean diet, promotes good mental health and prevention of anxiety and depression. Similarly, the Mount Athos’s diet practiced by Greek monks is also associated with longevity and prevention of many diseases.

Both forms are made up of mainly fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and extra virgin olive oil. The diet is low in animal protein or entirely meatless. Herbal tea, herbs, and spices are very part of the diet, which I advocated much in my book Leaf to Life: Unlock nature’s secrets to true health.

We are made up of the physical body, mind, and the soul. To heal is to heal all aspects of our being. A psychological problem is never just a mind thing. It must be resolved through physical remedies such as herbs, diet, exercise, sleep, environment etc., and psychological and spiritual tools, all working together.

Another missing point in terms of diet is essential fatty acids (EFA) such as in Phyto-EFA, which is a synergistic mix of various organic essential fatty acids (Flax, Evening primrose, coconut, sunflower, and pumpkin). EFA is essential for cellular oxygenation. Cellular oxygenation is required for mental health (memory loss, depression, fatigue, Alzheimer’s disease etc.) and even prevention of cancer.

A simple preventive program may be:

– Eat a plant based diet, focusing on healthy fats such as avocado, organic eggs, and olive oil.

– Supplement with Phyto-EFA and adaptogenic herbs.

– Dandelion and fennel as in Phyto-nzyme promotes good digestion and assimilation of nutrients and are helpful in manic depression (Bi-polar).

– Reduce intake of pharmaceuticals because most medications deplete glutathione (GSH), the most powerful antioxidant in your body. Low GSH is associated with depression.

– Exercise. Walking is best or passive exercise such as body massage, hydrotherapy, and reflexology.


About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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