How to have enough sleep if there is so much homework to do?

Parents, correct me if I am wrong.

There is a general family breakdown in communication, children’s lack of social skills, lack of sleep, chronic allergies (as a result of stress), all because they are too busy with homework and the cell phone. There is just too much of ‘doing’. There is not enough ‘being’ – spending more time with their parents and family members, with open door activities, with nature, with themselves etc.

The weekend is a busy time. You will be busy sending your children to special classes and tuition (not sure what’s wrong with our school system).

Some people blame it on the cell phone. I believe the cell phone is just a tool (just like alcohol and smoking) to relieve deep-seated stress. We can’t solve the problem just by taking away the cell phone.

Sleep is very important for health. We all know that. But how to have enough sleep when there is so much homework to do? I believe there is really something wrong with our system.

Gone are the days when my evenings were spent with my mom, sitting together and enjoying the moon and the stars. There was not much homework back then.





About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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