Why my Phytocel tea works for the heart?

I received many stories regarding how Phytocel tea helps in treating high blood pressure, without the need for medication.

Phytocel is one of the tea blends I formulated based on the understanding of the functions of the organs, the herbs’ properties, and balancing them with traditional European medicine energetic principles.

When your liver and kidney functions are sub-optimal (which is usually the case with our modern lifestyle) and are not able to excrete toxins well, the heart will be over-intoxicated with toxins, leading to weakening of the heart. This may also explain cases of sudden death of people of normal cholesterol profile and other heart indicators.

Phytocel tea works in most cases because I put in herbs to help the liver and the kidneys functions. It is neither cooling nor heating in nature and can be taken daily to maintain health as well.

No wonder it is the best selling tea in Seeds Garden Restuarant (Melaka).




About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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