Our thoughts determine our lives


Excerpt from book Leaf to Life

Very often we do not realise that our own thoughts or emotions affect the health of others and even the universe

I once attended to a nine-year-old boy who was brought to me by his mother. He had been suffering from a litany of allergy-related disorders – asthma, rhinitis, ear infections, and eczema – for years, without lasting relief from either traditional or allopathic medicines. After I had treated him for three months, he was 70 per cent better. However, he still depended on my herbal remedies to sustain his recovery. Unsatisfied with the result, I recognised the need to consider what we call in naturopathy “trigger factors”.

Based on my observations, I determined that one of the causes of his chronic condition was stress – specifically, from his mother, who had a disposition towards anxiety. This boy was unable to release his stress due to the demands of his mother. His stress was being manifested in allergy symptoms. So I counselled her on this aspect, and she promised to take it easier on her son. Subsequently, the boy’s health improved significantly.

How do we respond when someone irritates us? Watch our thoughts. There is no such thing as holy anger. Is it our ego or false self that is working in us?

How do we respond to the daily news regarding murder cases, war, terrorism etc.?

What is our attitude towards our children? Fear or love? Expectation or support? Did we try to control every single detail of their lives?

How do we respond when someone does not appreciate or give thanks for what we did for them?

As a matter of fact, based on the principle of mind-body connection, every disease may have a psycho-spiritual cause –

Parkinson’s disease – rigidity of the mind? dogmatic?

Alzheimer’s disease – Feeling isolated? Shut out from the world?

Constant flu and cold – Craving for love and attention?

Obesity – suppressed emotion?

Heart attack – Lack of expression of feelings? Always think from the head and not from the heart?

Our life depends on the kind of thoughts we nurture.

Elder Thaddeus, Orthodox Christian monk


About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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