Low body temperature is not good

Low body temperature may be a sign of pre-disease. Late stage cancer patients usually have body temperature 35 degrees or below.

In traditional European medicine, such body type is called Cold/Depression type. Cellular life is diminished so that there is retention of waste products, leading to low-grade inflammation. The body easily catches viruses, bacteria, and parasites. Usually, blood pressure is also low. Chest tightness, abdominal bloating, constant neck, and shoulder aches, sluggishness, fatigue even after a good night sleep are some signs. Such body type is prone to cancer, heart attacks, and diabetes.

This is why a fever should in most cases, never be suppressed with medication. The body activates immune forces to kill viruses and cancer cells. I had a 3rd stage gall bladder cancer patient who ran into a very high fever episode after he followed my herbal protocol for 3 months. The cancer condition went into remission after the fever subsided.

Certain medications such as antidepressant medication are linked to lower body temperature.

The thyroid, which controls your metabolism is under functioning with apparently normal blood test results. This is called Sick euthyroid syndrome.

To test your body temperature –  Assuming you had a good night sleep with no acute illnesses or infection, straight after waking, and before getting out of bed, place the thermometer under the tongue until it beeps (taking temperature under the arm or ear is not accurate). For ladies of childbearing age, the temperature should be taken straight after menses for 4 consecutive mornings. 

You have a low basal metabolic if your temperature falls below 36.5 degrees. I confirm again when I take your pulse and blood pressure readings to see if you have a under-functioning thyroid.

This metabolic thing is what I am presently most concerned for my patients who are under my care. Cancer is now regarded as a metabolic disease.

I usually prescribe herbs, lifestyle changes, and diet to correct this low body temperature and under-functioning thyroid.

There is also another way to enhance body temperature – ultra-sonic hydrotherapy. I used it years ago (still do) to cure my spinal bone spurs. This type of hydrotherapy is taught in Kneipp school (Germany), where I studied. You can find out more or have a trial by calling Marie at 98896958.

I believe this home therapy coupled with herbal medicine is effective for all kinds of ailments such as joint arthritis, stroke recovery, poor circulation, degeneration of joints and spinal problem, fatigue, insomnia etc. without the need for long term chiropractic, spa, or massage treatment.


About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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