Don’t demonise Carbo



Fats and Cholesterol used to be demonized for causing heart attacks. Therefore, the industry came out with low-fat or cholesterol-free diet. However, this piece of advice is now controversial.

Now, the ‘demon’ to ‘exorcise’ is carbohydrate. Therefore, we have low carb diet. However, this is also unsound as glucose from carbohydrate diet is needed for the brain.

I am not a fan of any diet that is based on extremism.  As mentioned in my book Leaf to Life, what kind of diet for you depends on many factors such as lifestyle and metabolism. Perhaps you need to temporarily cut back on certain food as a result of food intolerance. That’s ok but you need to solve the root cause of the condition.

At the end of the day, the best advice is from the famed 12th-century German healer, St Hildegard-  eat everything in moderation.

Many people with inflammatory bowel disease, colitis, gastritis or related condition cannot tolerate wheat and oats. Most people attributed it to gluten, the protein of the grain.

The interesting thing is that the same people can tolerate spelt. Indeed, spelt has gluten (though a different structure). Therefore we cannot deduce anything from a single compound such as gluten. We need to look at everything as a whole. Spelt is used to treat colitis and inflammation in Germany for many years. It is, therefore, a good food to heal leaky gut syndrome.






About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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