Protection from cold air with galangal

Lately, the temperature in Singapore dipped to below 22 degrees amid rainy season.

While many of us enjoyed the cool weather, others may have difficulty coping with it. This is especially so for those with weaker lungs and the liver.  The lungs and the liver are energetically connected. This is why hart tongue elixir (A St Hildegard medicine) works well for a chronic cough and liver ailment at the same time.

A client has a past history of asthma. Some years back, she went for mountain trekking in Nepal. A near asthmatic attack nearly killed’ her while she was ascending the mountain.  The situation was caused by a combination of cold air and adrenal fatigue.


Fortunately, she was saved from the situation with Virita galangal tablets. She chewed 4 tablets every 1- hour interval for three to four times during the journey.

Lesser galangal as in Virita Galangal tablets is a powerful herb for prevention of cold, heart attack, chest pain, mild depression, mental fatigue (due to cold and poor circulation) and a weak heart (especially for the elderly). Boiled in wine, it is an excellent elixir for rheumatism. The extract produced in Germany is clinically proven to have a certain level of essential oils that caused it to be effective for the above conditions.

I have a habit of chewing 3 tablets while on my way to work to uplift my spirit for the day or to enhance confidence before an important event. It works!


About sliew

I am a practicing Medical herbalist and doctor of naturopathy from Singapore.
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