How to prevent gall stones?

The causes of gallstone formation are many… chiefly due to:

  1. Poor digestion especially fat digestion
  2. Poor liver function
  3. Certain weight loss. This is why it is not good to do aggressive detox programs such as water fast detox, or some other weight loss programmes.
  4. Certain hormonal drugs
  5. Chronic stress resulting in poor liver function.
  6. Hypothyroidism increases the risk
  7. Deficiency in vitamin E, as result of highly refined vegetable oil (see my previous blog article – what’s wrong with eating out?) diet as in most hawker and outside food.

Some people thought the problem will be solved if the gallbladder is removed. The absence of it will render deficiency in healthy fatty acids absorption, which in turn may lead to heart problems. In addition, the quick bile discharge, which is highly acidic can cause inflammation in the colon, which can lead to precancer.

Some information in the internet taught people how to rid stones using an olive oil-lemon liver flush. This is an unproven method and a study has shown that the ‘stones’ flushed out are not gallstones but a by-product of a chemical reaction of the olive oil, lemon, and the bile.

The following preventive measures can be taken:

  1. Eat a low refined carbo and sugar diet. Eat less white rice, white bread, potatoes, pasta etc. Focus on greens and fruits.
  2. Avoid pork, deep fried food and excessive eggs (especially hard-boiled and no more than 3 times a week), nuts, milk, avocados, beef, and non-fermented soy products.
  3. Add spinach, celery, lime, galangal, and asparagus to diet.
  4. Add healthy cold pressed oils to diet – sunflower, walnut, almond or supplement with Phyto-EFA – a combination of parent plant essential oils.
  5. Upon rising in the morning, take the herb Phyto-nzyme 5ml in water and half lemon juice or fennel tea. This will decongest the liver effectively. The energy will move and you will feel less morning sluggishness. I feel every one of us need to do this as we often hold deskbound jobs without much exercise. The herb combination of dandelion root and other synergetic herbs in Phyto-nzyme are known to decongest liver and detox pesticide residues and ‘bad’ estrogen metabolites (associated with prostate and breast cancer).
  6. Have 30 minutes relaxing walk after dinner.


Sebastian Liew

Medical Herbalist, MNHAA, MHS (UNE)



About Sebastian Liew

Matthew Wood, the renowned American herbalist described Sebastian as ‘one of the most unique and talented practitioners of natural healing and herbalism.’ The New Paper (Singapore) called Sebastian Liew 'The Medicine Man'. Indeed, Sebastian is a qualified and registered Medical Herbalist (accredited by the National Herbalists Association of Australia), with a Master's degree in Herbal Medicine from the University of New England, Australia. He is the first medical herbalist in Singapore and is known to popularize phytotherapy (Western herbal medicine), European traditional medicine, and St Hildegard medicine (Germany) in Singapore and probably in Asia. Sebastian has 20 years clinical work experiences and treated numerous patients with different medical conditions from all age groups in his Singapore clinic. Sebastian authored the book, Leaf to Life: The Natural Approach to Slow Down Aging and Living a Healing Life, which set the fundamentals for healthy aging and the prevention or treatment for almost all diseases. Please visit website
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