How I cure my food poisoning?


Yesterday, I was down with food poisoning after an ‘outside’ breakfast.  I felt very nauseous on my way to work. By noon, I was feeling very weak and practically vomited all the foods consumed during breakfast.

During moment like this, it is necessary to fast – fast from food, work, cell phone etc.  I fasted on lemon juice, maple syrup and galangal ( see recipe in my book Leaf to Life). This is one of the best ways to fast and not fast on porridge. A good alternative is spelt kernels boiled with chopped carrots, celery, and cucumber and drink only the soup (St Hildegard recipe).

I also took remedies such as 2 capsules of SL COLON CLEANSE ( a combination of herbs to clear parasites, bacteria, fungus etc.) in divided doses and 2 garlic forte tablets.  I don’t take any antibiotics as many had shared with me how they caused chronic bloating and digestive weakness. This is due to disturbances in the gut flora. It is not sufficient to supplement just with probiotics. It does not solve the problem because intestinal integrity is compromised.

By mid-afternoon, I was down with a fever. I did a cold compress saturated with tea tree essential oil on the nape of my neck and shower my groin area with cool water.  There were ache and pain in both my legs, signaling that the body is pulling proteins to make antibodies. The body is doing its job to fight bacterial and viral infection. We need to let it do its job and this is why it is not wise to suppress fever with medications such as paracetamol.  In addition, a fever is a chance for the body to kill cancer cells if any. It is a natural detoxification programme.

For fluid, I also drink cucumber water ( organic sliced cucumber soaked in water for half hour).

I continued to fast and ate only an organic apple for dinner. My fever was gone but still felt weak on my legs.  By 730pm, I vomited again. This time I felt so much better but exhausted. Therefore I needed to rest.

By next morning, I completely recovered and fully charged with energy. I continue to fast on organic apples for breakfast and lunch.  It is necessary to break-fast only with fruits for complete recovery.  For recovery, I took Phytolec to rejuvenate my digestive power and energy.

It is normal for us to get sick once in a while.  It is how we handle it, whether it is in harmony with the body’s functions is what really determine the long-term health of the body.

As an old naturopathic saying goes – Chronic diseases (such as cancer, joint pains, poor immunity,  heart diseases, skin diseases etc.) is a result of mismanagement of acute diseases (the flu, cold,  gastric pain etc.).








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Why psychiatric help don’t help sometimes?

When the ‘heart’ is not healthy, the entire system is dis-eased.

This is one of the aphorisms of traditional Greek medicine.

Have you ever wonder why countless counseling,  long hours of meditation and prayers, psychotherapy and other forms of mental and spiritual exercises do not help much your psychiatric problems such as anxiety, depression, agitation, anger, worry etc.? 

According to Greek medicine, the heart is the source of spiritual disease, involving joy and hatred, ill will and enmity, anger and cunning etc. This is why we always associate the heart rather than the brain as the seat of our deepest thoughts and emotions ( Examples – I love you with all my heart, Mary keeps all these in her heart (from Bible), I pray from my heart…).

The Chinese character for love has a heart in the center – 愛. It implies the heart must be involved in the creation of love – the source of all healing.

The fluids, blood, and the energy of the heart can influence a person’s ability to experience joy and happiness. Therefore the vitality of the heart determines whether the person will experience joy in his or her life. When there is a bit of vitality in the heart, all other psychological and spiritual tools as described above will work better.

Herbs can affect both the physical and spiritual heart.  One young patient came to me for her chronic depression. She was taking a long list of medications that seem to ‘numb’ her. There was no smile and joy in her personality/ soul. 7 years of counseling and psychotherapy did not help at all.  After 30 seconds of savoring a fresh herb mix tincture (The main herb is rose) 10 drops, she almost instantly put on a smile and started to express herself honestly. Eventually, she was able to wean off the medications and healed completely without any need for counseling.  Her inner wisdom seems to be activated that allows her to establish a centered and integrated personality. It is as if her soul is home.

Sounds like magic? If nature and we are connected, we can be healed physically and emotionally when we allow the vital force of a plant to heal us at a deeper level. We are not alone. The beloved Creator has put divine healing energies into nature and plants.

Therefore, by all means, go to counseling, art therapy, prayer etc. for any psychological ills. They have a role to play in some of us. But I can assure you that these tools will work well when your heart is revitalized and this you can achieve with herbs, especially low dose fresh extracts of the whole herbs. In my clinic, I use them in the form of fresh (not capsules, tea, or dried herbs) extracts prescribed in low doses.

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