Why you need a wholistic solution?


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Readers of my book Leaf to Life (buy now in Amazon books) would realise that my approach to treating and preventing diseases is always WHOLISTIC.  Even herbs are chosen as far as possible for the physical body and the mind and even the soul.  For example, the herb Rose has cooling properties for the body/skin and a calming effect on the mind. Rose has the spiritual effect on the soul – it helps you to love yourself more., especially after a broken relationship. You have to take it to believe in it.

I don’t use this word as just another trendy word or a marketing tagline. My patients know I mean it in word and deed, i.e. in all my consultation sessions.  Unfortunately, many people do not appreciate the fact that we all need to heal not just the physical body (the acne, skin rash, lumps, joint pain, sinusitis etc.) but also the mind, and the soul.

This is why many times yours and my health care regime – diet or supplementation and exercise, do not give results.

And, listen to this – we must heal the body, mind, and soul at the same time and not separately.  Often it flows like this – Doctor for the body, the psychologist for the mind and priest/pastor for the soul.

As we are body, mind, and soul working together, to heal is to heal the whole body. This is what thousands of years ago, the famed Greek Philosopher Plato said – Treat the whole person (tolle totum).  In reality, a naturopath does not only treat diseases but the whole person. When the whole person is well, the body will balance by itself.  This is the ultimate goal of a good and ethical naturopath.


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The strongest risk factor for cancer and heart diseases.

Inflammation is a defence mechanism that responds to diseases and infections. It is your body to attempt to localise the offending factors such as bacteria and viruses and to promote an immune response.  This, in turn, promotes the production of C -reactive protein (CRP) in the liver. So don’t blame your throat, tonsil etc. infection. It is a way the body tries to protect you.

However, if your body is constantly over-reactive and ‘busy’ with fighting some ongoing toxins such as pollution (from smoking?), pesticides in food, mental stress, radiation such as from your wifi and mobile phone and computers and all kinds of stressors, it will trigger what we call low-grade chronic inflammation.

Note: Psycho-spiritually, if you are over-reactive or gets irritated by the people around you, it will also trigger low-grade chronic inflammation in the physical body. So, learning to let go and forgive are crucial for health. 

In other words, your body is constantly busy fighting something and have not enough energy to regenerate and repair cells and tissues to protect you from cancer, heart disease, and age-related disorders.

Inflammation is a strong risk factor for heart and autoimmune diseases and can lead to the development of cancers.  CRP is the hallmark of inflammation and is used to measure the degree of systemic inflammation.  This is why I always look at your CRP reading rather than cholesterol. Your cholesterol may be ok but if CRP is high, there is a higher risk of stroke and heart attack and even Alzheimer’s disease and cancer, independent of cholesterol profile.

With constant exposure to toxins, how can we modulate this inflammation? One good solution is to take a herb supplement to modulate it and at the same time promote regeneration of tissues.  To be effective, a wholistic approach is necessary. I spelt out this wholistic approach in my book Leaf to Life (Buy now at Amazon books).

My Phytolec, a 30 x organic fresh juice extract (most products in the market is dried herb with low extraction ratio) of the herb Emblica officinalis is clinically proven to modulate inflammation, and thus lower CRP.  This extract is so safe and can be taken long-term even for pregnant women.

You can take it for three months with a wholistic protocol (I can coach you on this if you book a consultation with me) and do the CRP test to find out.

As part of my clinic anniversary special offer and token of appreciation, I am offering the product at a special package price –  5 bottles at $280 with 2 bottles free, worth $112 (Terms and conditions: Full payment by 31 August and the new batch expected to arrive by end September). This offer is only valid in August 2018.

Please call my clinic office 65389978 for enquiry and orders.


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