How to protect yourself from cell phone radiation

Electrosmog is a term used to describe subjective stress from cell phone towers, nearby radio and television transmitters and also ‘homemade’ electrosmog from cordless phone, Wi-Fi routers (very high radiation level) and devices that emit electromagnetic radiation such as our dear cell or smartphone.

Unlike pollution or chemicals or ‘toxins’, which you can see,  electrosmog is a ‘toxin’  you may not be aware of it and you are constantly and continuously exposed to it.

I had a young patient who recovered from depressive mood, simply by watching fewer television programmes and switching off his smartphone in the evening and spending more time in nature.

Of course, the media and a certain section of the ‘scientific’ community would say that electrosmog is harmless and there is no evidence of it causing cancer. You need to note that there are enormous economic implications both for the industry and the government.

The fact is electrosmog disturbances is all dose dependent – is how much you are exposed; the intensity, mode, and duration.

Every single cell in our body has a frequency and energy. Compare how you feel touching a tree and holding an active cell phone. If you are currently suffering from anxiety, depression, poor digestion, autoimmune disease, skin allergies, poor immunity, irritability, nervous tension, hyperactivity, insomnia, wakeful sleep etc,, try adopting measures to protect from electrosmog –

  • Do not use your smartphone when it is charging. Charging should be around 10 feet away from your bedroom.
  • Switch off your handphone when you go to bed. Do not use the phone as an alarm clock.
  • Put your phone on air-plane mode when you are not using wireless mode.
  • Choose to text instead of calling the person.
  • Do not carry your handphone in your pocket.
  • Do not use a bluetooth headset.
  • Call only when it is an urgent matter.
  • If a long conversation is needed, choose to meet in person or use the landline.
  • The key to protecting your cells is to enhance liver’s glutathione (GSH). Phytolec, a high potency extract of the herb Phyllanthus emblica enhances GSH by 30 to 60%. Other foods that are helpful include avocados, onion, raw garlic, oranges, cauliflower and selenium-rich foods – mushrooms, brazil nuts (only 4 a day), carrots and spelt. Spelt has high selenium content compared to brown rice or quinoa.
  • Always spend time in nature – touch the trees, rest on the earth, breath fresh air…
  • Shower your body and your arms (right to the elbows) with cold water will enhance GSH.
  • Mix 20 drops of my SL-PURI-5 oil to 20 ml of vodka. Spray around your work area not only to clear airborne influenza viruses but it can also help to protect from electrosmog stress.



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Is apple cider vinegar good for you?

From time to time, I received questions about whether kefir is good for you or apple cider vinegar or honey or the latest hot herb – moringa.
They are all good. Every traditional preparation or plant has a medicinal role to play except that not all are suitable for you.
Every type of food or herb has an energy of hot, warm, cold, and cool and damp, and something in between or neutral. This fact is often unappreciated by some nutritionists and even naturopaths who are not into energetic medicine.
As such, I have to take the energetic properties of the herbs into consideration when creating a herbal product or a blend of herbs for my patients. It does not work by simply putting all the good stuff together as some biochemical scientists, and PhDs do.
Traditional wisdom from East and the West advised us not to take any food that is too sour, too hot, too cold etc. Now, vinegar is very sour. Therefore it is a medicinal preparation for short-term use and not as a ‘supplement’. I would advise just eat organic apples.
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