Saturated fats does not clog arteries

​​The main cause of stroke and heart attack is inflammation and not cholesterol.
This is not just another research paper. This is a systematic review and meta-analysis – high-level analysis on a number of research studies.
As found, high carbohydrate, processed food (such as mock meat) and sugar diet coupled with chronic stress (emphasized) increase inflammation. This diet pattern seems to resemble the ordinary diet of many people in Singapore – lots of carbs, mock meat (vegetarian) processed plant oils etc.
For this reason, I emphasized so much on herbs which are inflammation modulating.

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Risk markers for stroke or heart attack

Very often, we associate stroke and heart attack with high cholesterol profile.

Yet, modern research and epidemiological data tell us otherwise.

The majority of people(>60%) who have a heart attack have a low or normal cholesterol profile.

The highest risk factors are inflammation, weak tissues, and chronic stress.

You can find out your risk with a blood test to measure-

C-reactive protein (CRP)


Vitamin D status

Cortisol and DHEA test ( from hormone profile test via saliva or 24hrs urine).

Supplementation with the following will help to reduce CRP and homocysteine:

  • Phytolec
  • PhytoEFA
  • Phyto-nzyme
  • Homocysteine response (important for those with gout too!)

I shall share with you more practical remedies during the upcoming herb fest.

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