You may not have cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes or any diseases. You may not be rich or poor or happy.
But 2 things for sure will happen:
1.You will age
2.We all will die one day
We can’t do anything to avoid death.
Therefore, why don’t you invest in slowing the aging process?
For what? Ask yourself.
It is my vocation to help you.
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Eat less, live better – to all children

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Eat less, live better – to all our children

There are so many similarities between Lao Tze’s (6th-century Chinese sage) teaching on health and the Christian concept of moderation.

Lao Tze said humility, love, and moderation are the greatest virtues.

Hildegard of Bingen, the famed 12th-century Benedictine abbess said the soul loves moderation.

This concept is confirmed by science that it is not what you eat (though important to a certain level) but how much you eat.

Compared to the previous generation (none of my classmates in the 1970’s were obese), children nowadays eat too much. Instead of focusing on just on preparing healthy meals, teach our children and yes ourselves too to eat less and only when hungry.Good for health and good for the planet.

One way to control craving is to drink fennel tea. This was practiced in old Europe during the fasting period.

I would introduce herbal tea such as green tea and fennel to all school children If I am the minister of education. This is perhaps one of most effective ways (and evidenced based too) to cut down the risk of diseases such as cancer, heart attack, and diabetes in our future generation.

There is no need to fight diabetes for example. Why fight? Just live a healthy way of life and make it a major part of your life.



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