The ‘Cholesterol’ problem

Adelle Davis, the famed American nutritionist and author of four best-selling books, stated in her book LET’S GET WELL, (published in 1965!!!) that trans fat is the main unhealthy fat in our diet. Who would listen to her back in those days?  Now, we know she was right.

The same author stated that it is not the cholesterol that is giving the problem but whether there are nutrients to utilize the fats (sounds naturopathic). She further stated that as long as sufficient nutrients especially lecithin, vitamin E, C, and magnesium is in the diet, the disease atherosclerosis does not occur.

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Lecithin is what keeps cholesterol fluid and is the most important nutrient to utilize cholesterol and fats. Interestingly, the cholesterol rich egg yolk has the highest level of lecithin. Nature knows what it is doing. We are very much deficient in vitamin E as we eat out often. Vitamin C as in fruits and raw vegetables prevent oxidation of cholesterol. But often we don’t have enough as vitamin C is greatly depleted by our stressful lifestyle.

Some form of supplementation is helpful to prevent or reverse atherosclerosis, which is the leading cause of heart attack and stroke.

A suggested protocol may be:

Phytolec – Amala organic juice extract (30 x) is known to reverse damages from high blood sugar and prevent oxidation of cholesterol. It has 20 times more bioavailable vitamin C than oranges.

Super potent lecithin – Keeps cholesterol fluid and digestion of fats. Also for the nerve and brain health. Take 1 to 2 capsules before a meal.

SL Vitamin E complex – a potent mix of Tocotrienols to prevent deficiency. Most vitamin E don’t have a mix of tocotrienols and only have tocopherols.

For further inquiries on the products, please contact my clinic at 65389978.

Note: The above information is not a substitute for professional consultation as each person has different body constitutions and other factors.




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